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Around Arran...

walkers on Arran
boats anchored off Arran, copyright Visit Arran
Brodick Castle, copyright Visit Arran
Around Dyemill
standing stone on Arran
With it's wide variety of scenery around the island incorporating mountains, glens, rivers and moors, not to mention the stunning seascapes, it is a walkers paradise.
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Around Arran's miles of coastline there are many places to moor up or anchor.
Find a pub lunch or tay ashore for a night
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With castles at Brodick and Lochranza to visit and many more historical locations to explore.


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Here at Dyemill we have our own favourite locations around the island and we are always happy to share them with our guests.
See below for our favourites:


Dyemill's Favourities...

Our love affair with Arran began over 25 years ago. We had many family holidays and numerous short-break “Arran fixes”.

Over the years we have participated in many of Arran’s Activities cycled round the island walked the coast and found some favourite places of our own.



Kilmory Beach is our favourite beach especially if the tide is out. This is a lovely piece of white sandy coast line. There is a small place to park at the bottom of quite a steep track, we recommend unless you have a four wheel drive to walk down. There is a row of terrace housing, park there, and walk down the track (sign post for beach house). Turn either way when you reach the coast but we go left.

Blackwater foot beach is also nice (in front of Shiskine Golf Club)

Eating Out:

Arran offers loads of great places to eat out our favourites are –

The Brodick Bar – Easy to get to, located opposite the Post Office in Brodick. Slightly more expensive that normal pub food but excellent value for money.

The Lighthouse, Pirnmill – Great friendly restaurant. BYOB booking recommended in Summer. Ask for a window seat if possible to watch sunset over Kilbachan Sound

Bay Hotel Lamlash – Great Pizza and will do a carry-out.

Pier Head Tavern (PHT), Lamlash – Great pub food, often live music.  

Machrie Tea room, Shiskine Golf Club and The Old Pier Café in Lamlash are good for lunches/snacks.

Wild Life:

These are the places we have had most success of wild life sightings.

Seals – Kildonan walk along the coast to the right. Always watch the shore and shallow water for bobbing heads.

Deer – Lochranza on the golf course

Otters – Always be on the look-out on exposed rocks especially as the sun is going down they look like little black cats!

Red squirrels and rabbits – Dyemill

Dolphins  – We have seen them around the coast – Lamlash while out fishing (we didn’t catch any fish) and at Catacol.

Golden Eagles – Lochranza



There are lots of walks for a wide range of ability.

Our favourite is up to Coire Fhionn Lochan at Thundergay the lochan at the top is such a surprise. If you can time your walk to see the sun set on the way down you are in for a treat.



Places our girls loved as children and still visit regularly today. King’s Caves, Machrie Standing Stones and the Fairy Dell at Lochranza. Do a bit of research some of the myths and legends are fascinating.

If you would like to borrow books or maps or just need more information – please ask.

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